Please check the poster on the home page for a list of the services happening this month.  Due to COVID19 restrictions some of our ‘usual’ services are not happening (indicated below).

St. Mary’s (The Minster)

Every Sunday there is an 8.00am Holy Communion (BCP)

This is a quiet traditional reflective ½ hour service using the Book of Common Prayer held in the choir stalls at the front of the Minster.

On the First Sunday at 10.30am there is an All-age Service

Which is an interactive informal service, with congregation participation, and the singing is led by a Music group. The service is attended by up to 100 people.

On the 2nd, 4th and 5th Sundays at 10.30am at there is a formal Holy Communion Service

Using contemporary language, with sung parts of the liturgy, and hymns. A congregation of up to 100 attend, and children go to their own groups for most of the service but re-join for Communion.

On the 3rd Sunday at 10.30am there is Morning Prayer Service

Using contemporary language, with hymns. This sometimes this takes the form of a special service e.g. supporting our links with Zambia and Nepal.

Also on the 3rd Sunday at 10am there is Munch Café Style Church

Come along for food, friends, family and faith sharing breakfast, friendship and stories  Currently not meeting due to COVID19 restrictions

On the 3rd Sunday at 6pm there is Evening Holy Communion Service

This is an Ecumenical service and we are joined by our local Methodist congregation and their clergy. In the summer is held in the church and during the winter months it is held in the Minster rooms.  Currently not meeting due to COVID19 restrictions

On the 4th Sunday at 6pm there is Evensong (BCP)

Using the Book of Common. The choir lead the singing in the service and many parts of the service are sung by choir and congregation.  Currently not meeting due to COVID19 restrictions

For information on Sunday morning Children’s groups and worship please visit our Youth and Children page.  Currently not meeting due to COVID19 restrictions

10.30am every Wednesday there is a service of Holy Communion in the Lady Chapel.

The short Evening Office is said at 3.30pm in the winter months and 4.30pm in the summer months in the Lady Chapel from Monday to Saturday (during the vacancy this will vary each week – please see the church notice boards for more information).  Currently not meeting due to COVID19 restrictions




St Mary’s (Whitelackington)

1st Sunday of the month During the summer months Evensong (BCP) at 6pm

This is a Book of Common Prayer service where only the hymns are sung, Some the Minster Congregation join the Whitelackington congregation for this service.

In the winter months at 9am there is Morning Prayer (BCP)

Where the Book of Common Prayer is used and only the hymns are sung.

On the 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month at 9.00am

There is a Holy Communion service using contemporary language.

On the 3rd Sunday of the month at 9.00am there is Morning Prayer (BCP)

During the Winter months the services are held in the choir stalls at the front of the church.

This is a small village church with a usual congregation of around 12, apart from special services such as Harvest festival where the congregation can reach about 40.