Support during Lockdown

Support during Lockdown

Please see below a range of material to help you in this second time of lockdown.  There is a mixture of prayers and worship that you can say at home, along with news to help you know what is happening in our churches and the Church of England as a whole.  Online services for the Minster and Whitelackington are happening on Facebook  – search The Minster on Facebook.

If you are feeling lonely or finding it hard to ask someone to help you get food or other essential supplies then please email us at  We have a small group of volunteers who might be able to help.

For all the following material please click on the words or link to open the item.


We would love to pray for you and your loved ones!  If you would like prayer for someone or a situation please email

Please give the first name only of the person or the situation and brief details you might want to add, e.g. ‘Bob’s missing his family’ or ‘for Brenda in hospital’.  The prayer does not need to be limited to the current COVID19 situation.

Please also indicate whether you would like the prayer  (you can opt for all or just 1 or 2 of the following options):

  • Mentioned by our vicar, Jo, during one of the services
  • You would like the prayer added to one of our pastoral team’s daily prayers

Prayer from the Corrymeela Community:

God of this shared earth
and this shared experience:
may this great leveller of a disease,
this reminder of our common fragility,
our mortality,
and our recognisable fears,
be also the great correction
in our collective story.
May this be the moment
when we start again
with clearer eyes and kinder hearts,
and with a renewed resolve
to do justice, love mercy
and walk humbly


Please see below the poster detailing services online and (unsupervised) Private Prayer:


Orders of Service for our online services and use for your quiet times:

Benefice_Advent Carols_2020

booklet_Benefice_All Saints to Advent_2020_Holy_Communion

Night Prayer All Saints to Advent nov 2020

booklet_Benefice_BCP_Holy_Communion Nov 2020

Spiritual Communion PDF.pdf version 1

Lectionary readings to go with the above

News and other links

Church of England’s website

Diocese of Bath & Wells website