Come along every Saturday and Wednesday morning, between 10am and 12pm, to help yourself to good quality surplus food and work with us to reduce food waste.

FoodShare is run by a committed team of volunteers who hate to see waste.  Supermarkets regularly throw food away that is perfectly fine for consumption but, because of their internal processes, remove it from their shelves.  This food was destined for the bin but the team at the Minster have worked with the local supermarkets and businesses to try and reduce this.  They go round the local area to collect twice a week from these businesses, check the food, and then offer it to all for free.  

All the food is either just before its 'use by' or within its 'best before' date.  Our team are careful to ensure that all fresh food is handled correctly and ready for the people of Ilminster to take.

Local businesses that are currently taking part in FoodShare:


The Pantry, West Street